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The Island of Rab
RabCurrently, included in offer is an attractive urban villas on the island of Rab, denoted by high quality construction standards and attractive location with complete landscaping.

The island of Rab is part of the archipelago in the Kvarner harbour in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. It is located 10 minutes from the mainland with 4 ferries travelling non-stop to the island during the summer season...

We are particularly offering
Palit - 1
Urban villa
- residential area 170 m2
- total site area 520 m2
- attractive location, 50m from the sea
- connected to a walkway leading to the centre of the town
- private entry to the villa
- complete landscaping
- air-conditioning
- newly-built
- possibility of long-term renting


Business premises Matka Laginje
- newly renovated premises
- 500m from the town centre
- 1st and 2nd floor
- separate infrastructure; heating, air-conditioning, electricity
- fire alarm system
- normal and loading lift
- 160 parking places
- multi-purpose
- attractive location


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